Coming soon, Integra Hispanic.

Direct-to-Hispanic customer acquisition marketing to help you reach Hispanics of all acculturation levels and country of origin.

Time Left Until Launching
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Reach Hispanic Customers More Effectively.

With precision targeting and in-language / in-culture direct-to-Hispanic creative.

About Us.

Founded by Steve Longley in 2003 to provide leading U.S. based insurance & financial services companies with exceptional direct mail & email creative and database services.

Our Approach.

Integra's communication strategy takes a three-pronged approach to lifting response of Spanish speaking customers over traditional marketing approaches, delivering 1) Creative Lift 2) In-Culture Communication Lift and 3) Optimal Targeting Lift.

Our Focus on Achieving Results.

Using Integra's Lift-Multiplier approach to targeted Hispanic communications, Integra's clients typically achieve a 15-45% response lift.

Our Tools and Team.

Integra segments on customer baskets, purchase behavior, store characteristics, demographics & acculturation levels. We develop marketing strategy blueprints, focusing on appropriate in-culture and / or in-language messaging to each targeted Hispanic customer segment.

Integra Hispanic.

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4582 Province Line Road
Princeton, New Jersey

Phone Numbers.

Phone: (800) 566 4539


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